Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Platinum Plus We System NGPHPTAW


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Natures Generator Powerhouse Platinum Plus We System  NGPHPTAW


The Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Gold SE System consists of The Powerhouse, two 410W Power Panels, and a Powerhouse Security Camera System. You can now monitor your home 24/7 even during power outages.

•120VAC and 240VAC up to 7200W Pure Sine Wave
•9600Wh Expandable Battery Capacity
•8x 410W Mono PERC Solar Panel Set
•1x Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Wind Turbine Set

*Disclaimer: Our solar panels include the necessary connectors and wires but do not include any tools, hardware, etc. We highly recommend having the solar panels professionally installed by a certified installer.

Get To Know The Nature's Generator Powerhouse

Nature's Generators' Powerhouse can single-handedly address all your home power requirements because of its split phase 240V/7200W or single phase 120V/7200W (combined) pure sine wave inverter!

Your All-in-One Expandable Home Power Eco-System

Nature's Generator understands the importance of being able to expand your system. The Powerhouse can add Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Power Pods, Transfer Switch, Security Camera System, etc. You have the ability to customize your eco-system and MAKE IT FIT WHAT YOU NEED!
Powerhouse Power Pod

With Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Pod, you're not just upgrading your battery capacity but also upgrades your Solar Input and Wind Input. Because we want you to take advantage of the renewable energy from the sun and wind. Why? Because it's UNLIMITED, CLEAN, AND FREE!

Powerhouse Power Panel

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Panel uses MONO PERC solar cell. A new solar cell technology that improves efficiency to harness more free energy from the sun.

Powerhouse Wind Turbine

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Wind Turbine has been designed and made specifically for use with the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse Wind Turbine will allow you to harness the power of wind and provide you with an additional method of charging your Nature's Generator Powerhouse.

Specifications & Technical Information 

BatteryType: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
Capacity: 48V 100Ah (4800Wh)
Self-discharge: Recommend to recharge every 4 months



 Power house : 28 x 18 x 19 inches (720*466*472.8mm)
Power house with wheel: 28 x 18 x 22.36 inches (720*466*568mm)


Output Power: 7200 watt max
Output voltage: 240V Split Phase
Output voltage: 120V Single Phase
Output frequency: 60Hz
Output Sine Wave: Pure sine wave
Output Phase: Split phase 

Operating temperature

32-104 °F (0-40 °C)


USB -A Port:  5V, up to 3A (15W)
12V DC Port: up to 20A (240W max)
Expansion Port: 350A fuse

Storage Temperature

 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)


AC Charger: 1300W AC Charger Indicator: red (charging) and green (charged) Solar Charger: 2000watt Wind Charger: 1000watt


434 lbs (197 kg)

What's In The Box 

Nature's Generator Powerhouse

  • 1 x  Nature's Generator Powerhouse Generator
  • 1 x Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Battery Storage
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • User Guide

Powerhouse Power Pod

  • 1 x  Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Pod
  • User Guide

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Power Panels 

  • 8 x  Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Power Panels 
  • 2 x  Branch Connector
  • 2 x  Nature's Generator Power Panel Cable

Powerhouse Power Panel Installation Guide

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Power Panels 

  • 1 x Nature's Generator Wind Turbine
  • 1 x Hub Nose cone
  • 3 x Wind Turbine Blades
  • 100ft wind turbine cable
  • 1 x Controller box
  • Hardware and tool bag
  • User Guide

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